The Sex Toy That Knocks You Up

When you are looking to experience new and exciting sexual horizons in your bedroom, strap on dildos can be a unparalleled way to broaden your experiences. As well as water-based lube, because both dildos are silicone. This incredible dildo uses skin-to-skin contact where the woman uses her pubococcygeal (PC) muscles to hold the rear end of the dildo in place while the elongated end protrudes in a natural position, allowing for deeper and satisfying penetrations.

Not only that but this strap-on will get you on your way to exploring the wonders of pegging and changing up the roles inside the bedroom. In other situations, a strap-on dildo can be used on a partner allowing for one or both of the partners to give oral sex.

But strap-on sex actually includes a wider variety of play that can be quite the pleasurable addition to your own sexual repertoire. This leaves your hands and upper body free for other activities like oral sex with your partner or playing with yourself. This strap-on kit comes with two interchangeable dildos and a bullet vibrator that you just slip into a little pocket on the harness and that vamps up the sensations on the dildos.

After cleaning the strap-on dildo couple also use the dryer to make the dildo toys dry. Still, sometimes I just really crave the strap-on. I grabbed the lube I had just put all over the dildo and read out loud: TOY CLEANSER?!” I spent the rest of the night spreading my legs apart in the shower.

A couple can easily fix the vibrating dildo with the harness belt and involve in the sexual activity to stimulate the vagina, anal, dildo harness rectum or G spot. Or if you are a collector you can use this kit on your various partners, and then keep an array of dildos for personal use.

It depends on people which type of strap-on dildo they prefer. Strapon sex toys are for anyone who wants to penetrate their partner. Most dildos have a realistic design to give you the whole package, cock and all, which provides a more personal experience with your sex toys.

Also known as Panty Harnesses, these are comfortable to wear and offer the ability to have more spontaneous use of a harness because you can wear it at anytime as underwear. Used primarily by Doc Johnson , Vac-u-lock dildos have a rippled hollow in their base, which fits onto a matching plug on the harness or other toy.

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